Head out and enjoy Hokkaido by bicycle!


Cycling across Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a cycling paradise!
Hokkaido is overflowing with wide open panoramas and local flavor, diverse hot springs and excitingly unique accommodations.
And perhaps the biggest attraction for cycling enthusiasts is the well maintained, end-to-end road network.
Even low-traffic farm roads are kept up, and the high level of safety compared to other countries is a great benefit.
What's more, it's a real pleasure seeing the seasons change through the year, and the cool, dry climate is perfect for cycling.
And of course, the real joy of cycling is enjoying nature as you wander off the beaten track to find hidden gems.
You can have a unique trip,
maybe finding hidden back roads and secret scenery all your own.

Cycling Map

Cycling Map

Recommended Cycling Course in HokkaidoHokkaido's Biggest Cycling Events

Main cycle guide of HokkaidoMain cycle guide of Hokkaido

Rural magnificent single path that continues. Image of Hokkaido Bicycle riding assumes greater portions, but I don't know where should run.
Planned course corresponding to the level and ability, experience of individual cyclist, support for the relevant spend a limited valuable time in Hokkaido.

Where does Japanese bicycle run?

Bicycles run on the left edge of the Road!
Bicycle is treated as "light vehicles" in Road Traffic Law. There are many bicycles, such as City cycle, traveling on the sidewalk, it may be little known, "bicycles run on the left edge of the Road" is the principle, cars drive on the left side of the road same as car. We sometimes see people on the wrong side, since it is surely dangerous (except the shoulder of the road), Let's do not do it a violation.
Bicycles run on the left edge of the Road!
At the intersection.
Bicycle is "light vehicles", so you should run on the road. But, there is not the same way to run the car. You should pay attention especially when you turn right or go straight at the intersection.

Caution to Hokkaido Bicycle riding

・Cool climate is attractive for the bicycle riding in Hokkaido, and you will get some sun, and get sunburn much, so please be careful for sunlight.
・There are the areas where the convenience stores are very few. Pre-check resting point, let's planned Bicycle riding.
In Japanese law, you should run on the left side of the car road. Bicycle will be treated as a small sized car. When you turn to the right, you need to turn by 2 steps.

Preparations for the safe Bicycle riding

・Helmet and sunglasses, gloves, towels are also required. Especially, we recommend you to wear helmet for safety.
・Assumed a flat tire is important. Most trouble on running are a flat tire. You will not be able to continue the Bicycle riding, so a portable air, the spare tube, and simple repair kit are recommended to bring.
・Advance check the route is very important. You can use a road map on the market enough, so be sure to check in advance, such as the point of the break.

・Be sure to check the bike before going for the bicycle riding. Points of the inspection are the following 4 points. To see the doctor Bicycle riding shops and experts is important.

  1. 1.Is there is enough air pressure in tires?
  2. 2.Is lubricated the chain?
  3. 3.Brake properly work?
  4. 4.Insurance(We recommend you the insurance of liability as well your own injury security. Bicycle riding guided tour of Hokkaido is set the insurance.)

If you feel physically sick, please do not try too hard and consult with your local hospital. * JNTO (medical institution search page)